List of Trademark Status

Trademark application status can be easily tracked online using the governmental portal. But to have an exact idea of your trademark status it is important to know what exactly each status mean. Therefore, we The Consultant Guru has complied all the trademark status for easy understanding.

The different Trademark Status are as follows:

New Application– New Application is filed with the trademark office.

Formalities Chk Pass– Application has been filed correctly.

Formalities Chk Fail– Application is not filed correctly and amendment form may be filed.

Send To Vienna Codification– If Application contains logo then it’s data is sorted as per Vienna codification.

Marked for Exam– Application will be checked by the Examiner of Trademarks.

Objected– Application has been objected by the Trademark Registry and awaiting reply to examination report.

Exam Report Issued– Application has been accepted or other query has been raised by the examiner of trademarks.

Ready for Show Cause Hearing– Application has been issued for hearing.

Abandoned– If response is not served within the given time frame it is marked as abandoned.

Advertised bef acc– Published in the Trademark Journal without user evidence.

Accepted & Advertised– Published in the Trademark Journal with user evidence.

Opposed- Opposition to Trademark Application filed by Third Party.

Registered- Trademark has been registered successfully.

Refused- Application is refused by the department.

Invalid- Application fees not received.

Withdrawn– Trademark Application is Withdrawn by the Applicant himself.

Send Back to EDP– Trademark Application has been sent back for proper data entry or to digitize the application.

Send to PRAS– Pre-Registration Amendment section. If you have filed any amendment to your Trademark Application, then PRAS will deal amendment.

ABA/Readvertised– Advertised before Acceptance and published in Journal.

Under Division– International Trademark Application under process.

Rectification Filed– Rectification application filed by a Third Party to remove the Trademark Application from the Register of Trademarks.

Accepted– Trademark accepted without evidence pending publishing in Journal.

Cancelled– Trademark has been cancelled.

Accepted/Readvertise– Accepted with user evidence.

IR Cancelled– International Trademark Application cancelled.

Protection Granted– International Trademark Application registered in India.

Removed– Registered Trademark Application has been removed for non-renewal.

Appeal- Appeal pending before the IPAB on order of the examiner.

Review– Review petition filed after an order is passed by the examiner.

Gone to court– Trademark Application in dispute before court.

Stay of Registration– Application has been stayed by IPAB or Indian Court.

Opposition Withdrawn– Opposition filed by Third Party has been withdrawn.